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New Framed Art for Sale: Steampunk Pop!

I created this new steampunk styled framed art for sale earlier this year but have only just got round to framing it and publishing it online.  I’m really quite proud of the level of detail in the piece and the frame I have managed to source complements it perfectly.  Check out the full piece of steampunk digital art in my online portfolio with options to visit my buy art online shop.

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See more digital art & design, original street art and urban art for sale in my portfolio.  Catch up with the latest street art and more from all over the world on google plus with Mr Pilgrim’s urban art page.


Born to proud but uneducated parents who named him Mister after the many famous Mr's in the world. Mister flourished until one day at school a cruel child noticed that his expression never changed and he wasn't blessed with pupils like everyone else. Forever ridiculed for his blank face, Mister ran away from home to a poor life on the streets where he learnt the ancient art of defacing public buildings.

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