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Tips for Artists

Read more for help and tips for artists including where to buy spray paint, the best caps, spray paint techniques, stenciling and more.

This section is an ongoing mission to help new & young graffiti artists, street artists and artists in general who need a helping hand. ¬†We’ve all been there at the beginning when knowledge is so valuable and hopefully people reading this will get something from it.

As I’ve said this section is ongoing but here are the links :

Which spray paint is best?
Here we go through a top ten rundown of some of the best selling and most well known spray paints on the market with additional information including best value etc.

Spray Paint Caps Guide
Read about some of the various spray paint caps out there, what they can do and some of the most popular models.

Best Graffiti Markers
Here you will find details on a selection of the best graffiti markers currently available and for what uses they’re best suited.

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