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Mr Pilgrim’s Custom Action Figures, Models and Reviews

As a massive fan of comics, sci-fi, fantasy and of course painting in all it’s forms, it wasn’t much of a jump for me to get into models and model making.  Here I plan to add my hobby projects and the really geeky stuff to excite your inner nerd.  Hopefully some of it will be informative, maybe even inspiring but let’s not oversell it because we all like to show off something we’ve made!

My collection grows year on year and through proper research, patience and some skill you can achieve some pretty cool results on a tight budget.  Much as I love Hot Toys, Kotobukiya (ArtFx), Neca and their competitors their prices mean that only those with deep pockets can afford one, let alone a collection.

Here I hope to show you tips and tricks on how to build your own collection, customisation ideas, painting techniques and anything else I have learned (and still learning!)

Feel free to leave feedback on any of the models I feature and if you find it useful I’d love to hear from you!

Below are a few previews of some of the models and figures I will be featuring.

Mr Pilgrim