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The Best Graffiti Markers & Pens

Here’s our recommendation of the best graffiti markers currently available for all you taggers and street artists out there.  They’re in no real order but it all depends on what you plan to do with them.

Krink (Outdoor | Tagging)

Krink markers represent some of the more expensive options for artists but their pedigree is undeniable.  They say that if you want the best you have to pay for it, well who’s to say they are the best but they come pretty close.  Made in the USA these markers have been the standard for many artists, they’ll write on anything, they’re permanent and they’re fun to use.  Prices from around £6-11.

On the Run (Outdoor | Tagging)

Like the name of these pens, these markers are awesome for tagging and they have a range of models to suit outdoor use.  Most are refillable with replacement nibs also available, very permanent & simply awesome for tagging but not really recommended for indoor / paper based work.  Many also allow you to control the amount of paint being expended.  Prices from around £3-6.

Sharpie (Best budget option | Smooth surfaces only)

Sharpie have a great range of pens & markers but ultimately they are ink based and best suited to a smooth surface or paper.  If that’s what you’re looking for you can’t really go wrong with Sharpie, they’re available almost everywhere (even supermarkets), they’re cheap and they keep going and going and going.  The Sharpie Magnum is a very cool pen too and delivers a nice, smooth rich black on smooth surfaces (the other Magnum colours don’t perform so well in my experience).


Molotow have a great history in paints and pens and are considered by some to be the go to manufacturer of graffiti style pens & markers.  Pens like their Masterpiece 360 are awesome with a refillable, pump valve & capillary system meaning that the paint flows in a steady stream with interchangeable nib sizes.  Prices range from around £3-7.


Uni pens and markers have been a staple for many artists for years.  Ranges like POSCA are another great option but are water based and not all that permanent however they also produce their PAINT range for outdoor use and will draw on pretty much anything.  The big drawback for me is that the colour range with Uni is not always all that great, that said if you’re going to be tagging do you really need a wide colour range?  Prices can be a little pricey for POSCA when you can get Sharpie for a lot cheaper, the PAINT range is only about £4-£5 per pen however.

Mr Pilgrim