Drawing Line Art – Mr Pilgrim

    Head of the Village / Drawing Line Art

    This drawing line art is a quick doodle I did the other day.  There’s something about drawing old villages that I love, adding all the little details like the tiles and bricks modern stuff just seems to bore me.  Of course this combines my other tastes like doodling monsters & creatures that most of the time grow as I draw them.  That’s the great thing about putting a pen to paper without knowing where it’s going to lead,  one line eventually becomes many and sometimes you surprise yourself where it ends up.line drawing art, mr pilgrim, graffiti artist

    Mr Pilgrim Graffiti Artist – Something a little…

    Mr Pilgrim Graffiti Artist – Latest Video

    Not just my latest video but also the first from Mr Pilgrim graffiti artist!  The video features a selection of Mr Pilgrim’s graffiti art and paintings all available to view here online at MrPilgrim.co.uk.  The I created the music a few years ago it’s called ‘Something a little strange’ taken from the album Only Human.  Hope you enjoy it!

    I’ll be adding more videos of Mr Pilgrim’s music & graffiti art so keep your eyes & ears peeled.

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    Classic Poster Art of the Day

      The Sound / Classic Poster Art

      I found this classic poster art while trawling my good friend mr.google.  I love those 70’s drug inspired posters like the Jimi Hendrix one that I can’t remember the name of.  With the swirling fonts and mishaped faces and bodies can only come from a certain time and you know it immediately.

      Unlike so many of the posters made today there is a real artistry in classic poster art.  Like many of the Hitchcock films and others of that period I believe the focus had to be ‘let’s make this look interesting’.  Now as long as you’ve got a massive picture of Justin Bieber you’ve got it made!

      classic poster art, mr pilgrim, graffiti artist

      Line Drawing Art / Man Machine

        Line Drawing Art / Man Machine by Mr Pilgrim

        line drawing art, mr pilgrim, graffiti artist, character design.

        One of my favourite things in life is doodling line drawing art.  From the earliest age I remember getting in trouble with my teachers when they came to mark my work and find doodles all over the place.  Aliens, monsters, zombies…boys stuff no ponies or flowers here.  Course I’m a little bigger now but the doodles remain the same.

        Anyone else get in trouble at school doodling in class?

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