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Line Drawing Art / Man Machine by Mr Pilgrim

line drawing art, mr pilgrim, graffiti artist, character design.

One of my favourite things in life is doodling line drawing art.  From the earliest age I remember getting in trouble with my teachers when they came to mark my work and find doodles all over the place.  Aliens, monsters, zombies…boys stuff no ponies or flowers here.  Course I’m a little bigger now but the doodles remain the same.

Anyone else get in trouble at school doodling in class?

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Born to proud but uneducated parents who named him Mister after the many famous Mr's in the world. Mister flourished until one day at school a cruel child noticed that his expression never changed and he wasn't blessed with pupils like everyone else. Forever ridiculed for his blank face, Mister ran away from home to a poor life on the streets where he learnt the ancient art of defacing public buildings.

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