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Head of the Village / Drawing Line Art

This drawing line art is a quick doodle I did the other day.  There’s something about drawing old villages that I love, adding all the little details like the tiles and bricks modern stuff just seems to bore me.  Of course this combines my other tastes like doodling monsters & creatures that most of the time grow as I draw them.  That’s the great thing about putting a pen to paper without knowing where it’s going to lead,  one line eventually becomes many and sometimes you surprise yourself where it ends up.line drawing art, mr pilgrim, graffiti artist


Born to proud but uneducated parents who named him Mister after the many famous Mr's in the world. Mister flourished until one day at school a cruel child noticed that his expression never changed and he wasn't blessed with pupils like everyone else. Forever ridiculed for his blank face, Mister ran away from home to a poor life on the streets where he learnt the ancient art of defacing public buildings.

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