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Mr Pilgrim’s Zombie Dinosaur!

There isn’t much scarier to Mr Pilgrim than zombies, and when it comes to dinosaurs things can get pretty messy even in a PG film.  Not to mention being very difficult to kill at the best of times, so here’s an idea ZOMBIE DINOSAURS! Risen from the dead by an ancient curse they now roam the earth feeding on the living to sustain their enormous appetite for flesh!

Take note filmmakers I want to see this movie now! Made with as small a budget as possible!

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Born to proud but uneducated parents who named him Mister after the many famous Mr's in the world. Mister flourished until one day at school a cruel child noticed that his expression never changed and he wasn't blessed with pupils like everyone else. Forever ridiculed for his blank face, Mister ran away from home to a poor life on the streets where he learnt the ancient art of defacing public buildings.

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