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RVLRY Hosts street artist Will Vibes

Will Vibes, the celebrated street artist on Talenthouse, a creative collaboration platform and community of artists across art, design, fashion, film, photography and music, has partnered with entertainment brandRoxx London to curate the space at RVLRY, a unique warehouse festival in London this weekend.

Born and bred in London, Vibes is widely recognised as one of the best graffiti writers working in the capital today having painted walls publicly, privately, commercially, legally and illegally, for over 15 years.

RVLRY brings together live acts, bands, DJs and some of London’s finest fashion, music, art and app brands including Crystal Head Vodka and Pritch London.

Will Vibes joined Talenthouse in 2015 as a way to gain exposure for his work and take part in unique opportunities that empower and reward artists and further their career. Emerging and established artists can join Talenthouse here.

Street artist Will Vibes RVLRY London (1) Street artist Will Vibes RVLRY London (2) Street artist Will Vibes RVLRY London (3)

During RVLRY Vibes’ will create graffiti with a rock edge that will adorn the walls of the Warehouse space. Another Talenthouse artist, Daniel Jamieson who joined its community in 2015 will create bespoke tattoo-inspired portraits for guests.

After studying Art and Design at College Will focused on creating large scale commercial mural art and founded the creative agency Anysurface. His work has taken him across the UK and Europe, building up an impressive reputation, with an extensive portfolio and a number of prestigious clients such as Nike, Converse, Microsoft and Nokia.

Will Vibes said: “I paint walls for a living as well as leisure; making a difference in any environment through the application of putting colour to a blank wall is something I’ll never get tired of. Talenthouse is helping me to further that ambition by unlocking unique opportunities for artists like me to get work showcased around the world.”

Maya Bogle, Talenthouse co-founder, said: “Talenthouse is helping artists around the world to realise their potential. Our ambition is to become the home for creatives from all walks of life by providing career opportunities that empower, support and reward. Artists like Vibes is choosing Talenthouse to showcase their work to a large audience and take part in creative opportunities that make amazing things happen.”

RVLRY takes place this Saturday 30 May 2015 in a secret London location from 6pm-Late


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