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Original Paintings for Sale | Mixed Media | Oil Paintings | Acrylic Paintings

Here is the collected pieces of original paintings for sale including mixed media, acrylic paintings & oil paintings currently published on Mr Pilgrim online.

They are in a rough order of completion with the most recently completed first.  For more information on each of the pieces check out the ‘more info’ link that includes options to buy online if available.

God Save the Queen, mr pilgrim, original paintings for sale, oil paintings, original art

‘God Save the Queen’ by Mr Pilgrim / Completed September 2013 / More info

Bitch, mr pilgrim, original paintings for sale, oil paintings, original art

‘Bitch’ by Mr Pilgrim / Completed November 2012 / More info

Smoking Gentleman, mr pilgrim, original paintings for sale, oil paintings, original art

‘Smoking Gentleman’ by Mr Pilgrim / Completed September 2012 / More info


‘Knowing Eyes’ by Mr Pilgrim / Completed May 2012 / More info


‘Caution Flying Monkeys’ by Mr Pilgrim / Completed February 2012 / More info


‘Lips’ by Mr Pilgrim / Completed November 2011 / More info


‘Big Bang’ by Mr Pilgrim / Completed September 2011 / More info


‘Black Heart’ by Mr Pilgrim / Completed July 2011 / More info


‘Red Eye’ by Mr Pilgrim / Completed May 2011 / More info


‘Ties that bind’ by Mr Pilgrim / Completed April 2011 / More info


‘Green Monster’ by Mr Pilgrim / Completed January 2011 / More info


‘Mr.Orange’ by Mr Pilgrim / Completed November 2010 / More info


‘Tree of Sorrow’ by Mr Pilgrim / Completed August 2010 / More info


‘Dark Face’ by Mr Pilgrim / Completed May 2010 / More info


‘World of Pain’ by Mr Pilgrim / Completed February 2010 / More info

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Mr Pilgrim