• Lips 4 - Pop art on canvas by Mr Pilgrim
  • Lips 3 - Pop art on canvas by Mr Pilgrim
  • Lips 2 - Pop art on canvas by Mr Pilgrim
  • Lips - Pop art on canvas by Mr Pilgrim

Pop Art on Canvas by Mr Pilgrim

This multi layered stencil composition of pop art on canvas was one of my first experiments using homemade stencils.

I really had no plan when I started this piece but as I added more I saw it evolve with a distinctive 70’s vibe.

The newspaper cuttings were found in decades old papers and were worked on in Photoshop before printing to give them a more aged look.

The piece of pop art on canvas has been created on a 40 x 40cm stretched canvas.  All my artwork will have the Mr Pilgrim logo applied and is limited and numbered.

Price £250 + Delivery

“Lips” is available in Mr Pilgrim’s secure Etsy shop here : Lips Original Art

For FAQs about the ordering and returns process please see Mr Pilgrim’s buy art online page with additional links to all of his art for sale.  All paintings and prints are securely packaged with adequate padding to ensure you receive them in pristine condition.

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