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Mind Bendingly Cool Urban Art!

Here’s a new collection of urban art to BEND YOUR MINDS!!  Ok, well it’s not that extreme but there are some pretty cool pieces of urban art here.

I’m always interested to know who created a piece I feature in a post or even where a piece is located so let me know and I’ll add the info to the post.

See more great street art from a variety of urban artists on Mr Pilgrim’s google plus page.

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street art online mr pilgrim

street art online mr pilgrim

street art online mr pilgrim

street art online mr pilgrim

street art online mr pilgrim

DISCLAIMER: All images are copyrighted by their respective owners unless otherwise stated. None of the images in this blog are property of Mr Pilgrim unless stated otherwise.  FOR PHOTO OWNERS: If it happens that you see your work posted here, and you don’t want it to be, and you want it removed/credited, please email using the contact me page.  FOR OTHERS: If you see a photo/video that is not properly credited, and you know the real owner, or artist please let me know using the contact me page.

Discover the world of street art and great wall murals from the professionals who bring this amazing world to light at amazing sites such as Brooklyn Street Art and Street Art News.


Born to proud but uneducated parents who named him Mister after the many famous Mr's in the world. Mister flourished until one day at school a cruel child noticed that his expression never changed and he wasn't blessed with pupils like everyone else. Forever ridiculed for his blank face, Mister ran away from home to a poor life on the streets where he learnt the ancient art of defacing public buildings.


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