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New street art for sale…BRAIN FREEZE!

New for 2013 this fairly large piece of urban style street art for sale was created on a 24″ x 72″ board with frame support and wall fixings on the rear.

This piece was great fun to make, like the “Octopanic!” painting I had just finished, this one just popped in my head and had to be made!  It’s always pretty nerve wracking for me in those first stages when I’m working off the fly.  I always just hope that whatever I’m doing is going to work out for the best in the end.  My favourite part is adding details, only then do I get a real feel for whether I’m truly going to like the piece or some amendments will have to be made.  This time it all kinda went according to the plan in my head!

Size: width 24.25in x height 72.16in / width 61.6cm x height 183.3cm (depth 20mm approx).  Wooden frame backed with pre-fitted fixings for easy wall hanging.

Price £1,750 + Delivery

“Brain Freeze” is available in Mr Pilgrim’s secure Etsy shop here : Brain Freeze Original Art

For FAQs about the ordering and returns process please see Mr Pilgrim’s buy art online page with additional links to all of his art for sale.  All paintings and prints are securely packaged with adequate padding to ensure you receive them in pristine condition.


Catch up with all the latest street art, graffiti art & urban art from all over the world on Mr Pilgrim’s google plus page.  Check out more original street art for sale including original urban art, graffiti art & paintings from Mr Pilgrim in his online portfolio.

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