Cool Street Art & Inventive Urban Art

Collection of Inventive Urban Art & Cool Street Art

One of the great things about cool street art is how inventive and original it can be.  It can be incredible how some people perceive the world and can create something seemingly out of nothing.  It is the essence of opportunistic art and is often the most quoted and memorable pieces.  Not all of the pieces I have included are created like this but are equally inventive and original.

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mr pilgrim, graffiti artists, urban art, cool street art, inventive urban art.

mr pilgrim, graffiti artists, urban art, cool street art, inventive urban art.

mr pilgrim, graffiti artists, urban art, cool street art, inventive urban art.

mr pilgrim, graffiti artists, urban art, inventive urban art.



JR, street art

French artist JR

mr pilgrim, graffiti artists, urban art, inventive urban art.


  1. very cool :)?

  2. Great collection! I’ve already known many of those works, but they are so beautiful I’d like to see them again and again.?

  3. Cool…!!! :)?

  4. i shared this on twitter, now I have to write a comment? ugh, lifes so hard

  5. really creative!

  6. this is real art…looks amazing

  7. Amazing street art pieces!

  8. nice. cool collection.

  9. Love seeing this stuff. Reminds me, there’s some great art downtown here. I’ll try to remember to share it.

  10. There is so much to LOVE!

  11. Great collection!

  12. i see love,lust,faith and love in them,we see the reality we feel the pain ,hope and beauty and we become a painter t express it again….that is why we become all of that

  13. Very cool. Art really give life to mother earth, it gives beauty and color to our life.

  14. Mona Lisa graffiti is really cool.

  15. Awesome Photos !!

  16. Hey loved this post, I didn’t know some of those works!?

  17. creative art and well collection

  18. very nice art images

  19. Liked your Eve buy the Apple tree. Thinking about buying.

  20. Awesome statements in Art!

  21. very cool 🙂

  22. Amazing and beautiful!

  23. Wonderful Art, much appreciated 🙂

  24. art is cool..huhhiuhihih

  25. That is awesome

  26. I like it ! I always wanted to see sponge Bob get his!

  27. So creepy to see Eve and a picture of dick to the right.

  28. Wonderful Art, much appreciated

  29. Really awesome! NIce collection of funny and interesting designs and yes it’s an art indeed.

  30. I wish someone would post these in something like 1920×1080… They would make excellent desktop pictures.

  31. Great collection!

  32. Very Cool!

  33. Great collection…..fabulous. Hats off to the wonderful artists….

  34. Love the images. Great collection of street art.

  35. Amazing art!!!!

  36. Its just Awesome…. just amazing….

  37. My children ans I just loved your images here.

  38. Totally amazing work..

  39. cool collection

  40. Innovative, This ll be a good motivation for all artist in beginning and good stage

  41. blank walls equal blank minds….

  42. cool graffity

  43. such artistic such creativity such amazing talent it is:)

  44. Amazing images and funny… I can’t see these kind of images in india…

  45. Not So cool !! 🙁

  46. Wow… it looks like as if it is real! Awesome 🙂

  47. wow .,these are really aweosome and lovely…

  48. Really, your art blog is awesome. I am big fan of art and you art is very very good. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up..

  49. Vibrant collection of work, this website is a testament to the vitality of art at the street level and its ability to infuse a space with creativity!

  50. That’s pretty dang cool! I wish I could do that.

  51. These are really awesome and lovely .This is a creative job and I am going to hats up to you.

  52. This’s very nice ,, tha is the real creation !

  53. AMAZING !!!!!

  54. It’s uhhhhhhhhmazing.

  55. Awesome

  56. yeah! totally loving this whole collection.

  57. REALLY AMZING. Danggggg

  58. Some really ingenius ideas here, very inspiring!

    I can’t imagine life without street art.. <3 Long live creativity and expression!

    My favourite is Zilda; her work is very traditional, and therefore completely different from the rest. The contrast of traditional art, with the more modern concept of street art is amazing.

    Caged Canary

  59. Wow!!!! Such a wonderful art……..

  60. love the d!ck pic

  61. Over Amazing , full of inspiration = Creativity , Luv ’em all ^_^

  62. Wow wow this is fascinating … I love them … Can’t make up my mind which is the best … I spend about 5 minutes on each just to appreciate the creativity … They say that EARTH without art is just EH … Thank you stumble upon for bringing such joy

  63. harika fotoğraflar. sanat her zaman sokaktadır.

  64. I consider myself a troll and have seen the likes of street art. I hereby declare this collection the most spectacular of all!

  65. This is a monumental collection of street art . amazing truly.

  66. I always spent my half an hour to read this weblog’s content
    daily along with a mug of coffee.


  68. You inspire me in my work

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