Banksy Celebrated in New Video!

Celebrating the diverse UK art scene & Banksy!

British street artist Banksy is celebrated in a new video which explores why England’s creative sector is the envy of the world. Developed by Arts Council England, the national development agency for the arts, the video celebrates how art and culture has helped to shape communities, broadened horizons and enrich people’s lives.


The UK’s creative sector is a rare and real British success story which contributes more than £71bn a year to the UK economy – a figure that has grown by almost 10 per cent since 2011, more than any other sector – and which employs over 1.71 million people.

See the new video from Culture Matters

Funny Video – Sex Over the Phone

Funny Video – Sex Over the Phone

This piece of solid gold from the Village People was released in 1985, the height of 80s music and features one hell of a funny video!

To honest this is one of the funniest videos I have ever seen…

Mr Pilgrim Graffiti Artist – Something a little…

Mr Pilgrim Graffiti Artist – Latest Video

Not just my latest video but also the first from Mr Pilgrim graffiti artist!  The video features a selection of Mr Pilgrim’s graffiti art and paintings all available to view here online at  The I created the music a few years ago it’s called ‘Something a little strange’ taken from the album Only Human.  Hope you enjoy it!

I’ll be adding more videos of Mr Pilgrim’s music & graffiti art so keep your eyes & ears peeled.

Click the link for more graffiti art from Mr Pilgrim Graffiti Artist or catch up with me on Mr Pilgrim Facebook!

Best Movie Death Scene…EVER!

Mr Pilgrim’s Best Movie Death Scene…EVER!

This is probably the single best video I have ever seen on youtube posted on Mr Pilgrim’s youtube channel…

I love these old movies that are so bad they’re good.  I don’t care whether it’s an old kung fu film or a creature feature I want terrible acting, a plot that doesn’t make sense, special effects made using a toilet roll and some elastic bands and some death scenes like this one!

Catch up on Mr Pilgrim‘s facebook page where you’ll see updates from all sorts of media and like minded  friends.  You can see work from other graffiti artists on my blog or you can always get in touch on twitter here Mr Pilgrim Graffiti Artsist.