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Fat Heat

Born in a small town in Hungary Fat Heat got the graffiti bug back in 1998 when he first encountered another artists work on some buildings near his home.  He immediately loved the mysterious lettering, the crazy energy emanating from the painted walls with their enormous shapes was his first touch with an art form that became his addiction.

He watched documentaries from the New York scene that has always housed some of the most vibrant street artists and saw a lifestyle of illegal art that Fat Heat found fascinating.  They would cover entire train cars with fresh paint in the cover of night and with daylight their work would be exhibited to the world.

In 2000 he and a few like minded friends created the Colored Effects Crew.  Although Fat Heat has put his dangerous years of illegal graffiti writing behind him it will always be close to his heart.  You can now find his incredible work in the form of large murals throughout Europe and exhibitions of his canvas work.

Country : Hungary

Fat-Heat-01 in Prague, Czech Republic

Fat Heat in Prague, Czech Republic

Fat-Heat-03 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fat Heat in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fat-Heat-07 Budapest, Hungary

Fat Heat in Budapest, Hungary

Urban Art Festival Amsterdam - Fat Heat with Mr Zero, Boeki and TransOne

Urban Art Festival Amsterdam – Fat Heat with Mr Zero, Boeki and TransOne

Fat Heat 02 Fat-Heat-04 Fat-Heat-05 Fat-Heat-06 Fat-Heat-08 Fat-Heat-09 Fat-Heat-10 Fat-Heat-11 Fat-Heat-12 Fat-Heat-14 Fat-Heat-15

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