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Conor Harrington

Urban artist Conor Harrington has garnered world wide recognition for his incredibly unique work that marries street art with more traditional realist paintings.  Based in East London, he was born in Cork, Ireland and has created stunning murals all over the world.

His uniqueness comes from the incredible blend of contemporary styling and complex, realistic paintings depicting people of traditional dress.  Many of which gain a poignancy when set against current modern events.  Pieces often contain visual clues to metaphorical meanings, similar to how painters of the renaissance era included secret meanings in many of their paintings.  Pieces like “Dead Meat” that was shown at Lazarides Rathbone in 2012 used female pin-up models and contemporary models in Regency era costumes to recreate a hedonistic banquet showing the end of Anglo/Saxon influence.

Country : Cork, Ireland

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