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Street Art on Canvas – Lick Graffiti

With this piece I really wanted to create an authentic appearance of real street art on canvas.  As if someone had taken a photo of part of a wall covered in graffiti and this is what they had captured.

For that reason I have used many different colours and shading while using different styles of writing / tagging for a base.  The main wording ‘lick’ was hand drawn first, then scanned and converted to vectors using photoshop.  This allows me to enlarge the text to any size and examine any possible errors before creating a much larger stencil.

Canvas size w600 x h500mm (24″ x 20″)

Price £480 + Delivery

“Lick Graffiti” is available in Mr Pilgrim’s secure Etsy shop here : Lick Graffiti Original Art

For FAQs about the ordering and returns process please see Mr Pilgrim’s buy art online page with additional links to all of his street art on canvas for sale.  All paintings and prints are securely packaged with adequate padding to ensure you receive them in pristine condition.

For more information including options to buy art online you can contact me here Mr Pilgrim Urban Artist. Catch up with the latest on Mr Pilgrim’s urban art facebook page or twitter street art.

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