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Creatures of the Lost Continent | Old Posters for Sale

Collection of original old posters designs from my new collection “Creatures of the Lost Continent”.

Each of these poster designs have been designed from scratch to imitate the old posters for matinee’s, circuses and events that were commonplace in the early half of the 20th century.  Taking inspiration from the carnival freak shows that were once popular, these posters include creatures outside the realms of reality and are more suited to fantasy or science fiction.  This makes the presence on imitation old posters all the more effective, as they are not intended to shock but poke fun at what we do for entertainment, then and now.

Soon you will be able to purchase limited edition prints and signed prints of each of the old posters designs through Mr Pilgrim’s buy art online shop.  You will also be able buy special one-off versions of each of the designs in individual and specially selected frames.

Check out more of Mr Pilgrim’s classic style posters and original poster designs.  You can always catch up with the latest street art, urban art & graffiti from the world’s best urban artists on his google page.

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