Art for All the World

Mr Pilgrim invited to Art for All the World

An exciting global initiative called “Art for All the World” has invited UK street artist Mr Pilgrim to collaborate in an exciting project in Holland & Spain

The event involves over 100 artists who paint at the same time or supply their own work to be displayed around the world in schools, hospitals and places for the elderly.  The focus of the project is the encouragement of social development and sustainability promoted through art.  This year there are events being held in Amsterdam and Malaga but past venues have been located in Honduras, Egypt, Spain and Jordan.

Find out more about the project here.

There will be large murals painted for the project and other artwork will be projected on a large wall in Amsterdam and Malaga on December 5th with the names of the artists.

The large painting “Peace Preserved” featured in this post is the piece that will be included in the event.

Mr Pilgrim Street Artist - Peace Preserved (2015) for Art for All the World

Mr Pilgrim Street Artist – “Peace Preserved” (2015)

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